2016 Red Tricycle Award
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We are an eco-friendly and organic facility which teaches your children about nature, animals and how to better care for our planet. We also teach your children about responsibility through caring, loving and being in the company of animals. Our magical, USDA licensed, indoor petting zoo has a wide variety of animals including bunnies, chinchillas, guinea pigs, lizards, turtles, birds, tropical fish and more.

One of the unique features, and a special part of our programs, is our desire to share and our belief in the importance of giving back and showing compassion. Whether you join camp or preschool, take classes, book a party or buy a toy, you help a child in need. We donate a percentage of the annual Art Farm in The City profits to Mari's Children, our non-profit organization, which helps children all over the world. One of our foundations of The Art Farm is "Paying it Forward." Would you like to help us do that?